March 26, 2023


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Philip Sternyuk withdrew from "Voice of Poland".  How did he comment on Piekarczyk's decision?

Philip Sternyuk withdrew from “Voice of Poland”. How did he comment on Piekarczyk’s decision?

Philip Sternyuk In the battles, he appeared in the second episode of the second stage. He sang Charge Thompson and Barron in a duet with Claudia Kirstan The song “Flows” Ralph Kaminsky I Natalia Szroder.

Almost all coaches were happy with their performance (except Siloia Grzeszczak).

When I went up on stage and began to sing… In spite of minor technical errors and sometimes minor chaos on stage – of course I can see it, because I am an old fan, coach – but your extraordinary affection, love and sensitivity covered all the mistakes. You’ve been affected by your performance, and you know, it doesn’t happen very often. commented on it Justina Steczkowska.

“For me it was a very moving performance. When someone sings with their heart, my heart trembles. And it just trembled” – he added Marek Bikarczyk And it was he who stole Sternyuk from his team, when Thompson and Baron decided to take Claudia to the next stage.

But on a hot chair, Sternyuk had to survive the entire third episode of battles. And it was very soon. In the end, Marek Bikarczyk volunteered with Justina Steczkowska For another participant from the Tomson and Baron team – Carolina Petek. The singer decided to work with an experienced coach, which means that Sternuk automatically leaves the program.

Marek Bikarczyk himself made no secret of his embarrassment at this situation. Behind the scenes, he said goodbye to Philip and stated that he would like to have more chairs on the program for his charges, and Sternyuk himself spoke shortly after the program. The young singer wrote a short on Facebook: “Just very thankful.”