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Vega’s semi-essential tendencies have been visible for a long time – he said some time ago that his cinema creates a special world that can be seen as the lives of alike or even the same heroes. It is something “its own”, completely original, according to only rules approved by the Creator. Undoubtedly, this “author” cinema is his highlight, the series “Pitbull” (for a moment he took Basikovsky, but again returned to his father’s creator). The same faces return with new features, and the depicted world is expanding, aging, or slowing down. And all would be well if Vega didn’t deviate too much from the series’ original intentions just because it was a dream – like a malevolent god – to mix up the lives of its characters. The harmonious orgasm in vega is nothing new, but this time it has risen to a really big top of biblical references.. It’s a pity, because if the core of the film had remained, i.e. playing the old police bomber and elusive mafia bomber, we would have had better and more coherent cinema.

Pitbull (2021) – Kino Świat movie review. The eternal struggle between good and evil

Two different worlds, the same opponents for years: the demon represented by Nosa (Przemysław Bluszcz, who did not succeed in the role), who planted bombs for the Pruszków mafia, and of course Gebels (still with himself, but a somewhat tired face Andrzej Grabowski). The conflict began in the 1990s, in which a policeman on behalf of the murder unit is assigned to get the nose, the latter taking a breather for a while. Years pass. Neither one nor the other forgot about the opponent. Evil is sleeping, and Garik, the son of Jabal, known in the series, has decided to wake him up. This time, he is a computer science student who and his friends want to earn a few extra zlotys, so he decides to help them break the safety of the homes of the rich. This is where the scriptural tone of Vega comes in – once you venture into the realms of sin, it will sweep you off the board. If you allow yourself to be indifferent to evil, your family will fall. Of course, fate overtakes the son of Gibelsk with his eternal opponent, the incarnated villain, amplifying infernal explosions … And of course – the old policeman will have to answer the question: will he be able to save the soul and life of his son at the same time? Vega serves all these leads to his characters without any awkwardness and breathes the last of his strength between them in real cinema. While the gist and guidelines of some of the threads are fine, the sin of excess leaves us indifferent to these great Old Testament struggles.. They are just too majestic to impress.

Pitbull (2021) – Kino Świat movie review. Old Testament proverbs

It’s great to watch Vega seemingly listen to the viewer, giving him a return to the crux of the series, while excluding the comedic extras (young beard jokes and cabaret characters here), but he makes mistakes in the process as well. Reduced laughter and bright humorous characters expose the pathetic and excessive darkness of the whole. We get Gebels again, who supposedly has Andrzej Grabowski’s face, yet is very different, driven by different reasons, and in no way an extension of his previous version. Somewhere along the way, the “dog” is lost between his calling, bribery and attempts at rehabilitation, and in his place is a wise and strong father who makes only the right choices. The plot of the son, who was already in a financial position in the series, could be a direct continuation of those adventures, but it seems to be a completely different world with completely new characters. Someone put new phrases in the mouths of heroes, mixed their destinies with threads borrowed from other mafia films, and, above all, made it just an excuse for moral interpretation. It is neither the interpretation of the Son nor the Father, but the Creator, the Almighty, the only Principal. It is a pity that Vega is no longer interested in his heroes, because it would not be difficult to make us feel the flow of time, the consequences of actions from previous films. But nothing of the sort happens. Cyk, we’re on and on, and this circus is just to play with fireworks this time around. All of this is kept in the tone of the Exodus book, and the heroes sometimes ask Vega to switch their way of speaking to “full Biblia mode” at some point and stop pretending to be human..

Pitbull (2021) – Kino Świat movie review. Creator: Patrick Vega

However, it is unfortunate that this series, after a good attempt by Władysław Pasikowski, turned the rush back on. The title indicates that the director isn’t playing with new hands and new chapters this time around: this is only the real “Pitbull” and only a small subtitle on the poster adds “Patryk Vega’s Movie”. The father of the series. The physical creator of the universe. Rulers of this world, and woe to those who think they can take better care of him. God willing, he will put different sentences in the mouths of heroes. Dancing dolls as my father ordered.

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