Dynamic conflict between Poland and Germany.  A beautiful goal was scored

Twitter / Miedź Legnica / Polish U-20 national team in the match against Germany

Sebastian Szyatkowski

There was plenty of action for an hour in the match between the Polish and German U-20 teams, and both teams’ priority was attacking. A great strike from Tomas Penca allowed the Whites and Reds to draw 1-1 in the friendly match.

The U20 team faced Germany in Legnica. It was another test for the players of Miłosz Stepinski, who, among others, are preparing to play in Michal Proppers’ under-21 team.

Poland reacted to the first German attacks and began to respond with accusations. Tomasz Neugebauer fired the first shot on goal, then Jordan Majczczak missed the shot after he had space to shoot.

The competition was even and there were plenty of chances to beat the opposition goalkeeper on both sides of the field. Marcel Bochovic did not attempt to play after the match involving Anthony Cozubal and Tomas Pejka. Dominik Marczuk, in turn, did not surprise Mio Backhaus with a shot towards the near corner at the end of an individual attack.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewsporcie: The goalkeeper started to attack. The final action and…just watch!

Poland scored a goal to make the score 1-0 in the 36th minute, with a shot from Tomas Benko. Beautiful work that ended with a precise shot into the far corner of Mio Backhouse’s goal. Cezary Polak caused confusion in the visitors’ defense by rushing down the left side of the field. The rest of the players belonged to Tomasz Pieńko. He himself created a place to strike among his opponents.

You had to be careful with the Germans because they were also about to open the scoring. Yusuf Kabadayi hit the crossbar from a free kick, and shortly afterwards Justin Diehl hit the post. Already in extra time, our western neighbors scored to make it 1-1. After a quick corner kick, the ball went to Ben Bonzen in the middle of the penalty area, who found a way past Jakub Madrzyk.

The second half started similarly to the first, with both teams quick to attack. It is true that substitute Bartosz Biedrzycki scored the first shot, but shortly afterwards Jakub Madrzyk blocked the shot with a shot from close range.

Just over an hour later, more than half of Miłosz Stępiński’s players looked different than they did at the start of the game. There were several changes that did not have a positive impact on the quality of the show. There was one chance to decide the match, but the substitutes’ work ended with a shot against the post from Filip Borowski. The game also moved to midfield.

Poland – Germany 1:1 (1:1)
1:0 – Tomas Benko (36′)
1:1 – Ben Boubzen 45′


Poland: Jakub Madrzyk: Przemyslaw Misiak, Bartlomiej Smolarczyk, Cezary Polak, Dominik Marczuk (63′ Mateusz Kowalczyk), Antoni Kozobal (61′ Gabriel Kiricek), Tomasz Neugebauer (46′ Mariusz Fornalczyk), Marcel Bučević (46′ Bartosz Biedrzycki). ), Io Kaczmarski (63′ Filip Borowski), Tomas Benko (46′ Kasper Duda), Jordan Majchrzak (85′ Jakub Branicki).

Germany: Meo Backhaus: Lucas Oliveira (81′ Julian Eichberger), Nnamdi Collins (72′ Tim Orman), Joshua Quarshie, Lukas Ulrich (82′ Benedikt Bauer), Matthijs Hansen, Youssef Kabade, Kasper Jander (73′ Aljoscha Kemelin), Frans Kratzig . (72′ Marius Wuerl), Justin Dale (85′ Mika Bohr), Ben Bobzien (81′ Stefano Marino)

Yellow cards: Smolarczyk, Misiak, Kowalczyk (Poland) and Hansen, Quarsci (Germany)

Judge: Marcin Kochanek

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