Grief in the Holonia family.  “Something is wrong here” – O2

Szymon Hołownia is known as a big dog lover. Unfortunately, within a few weeks, Speaker Klabi bid farewell to his parents. He shared the sad news on social media.

My parents’ pet, Holonia, suffered from cancer. Who was discovered three days ago because he had not previously shown any symptoms.

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On Friday, November 24, Marshall of the Sejm visited his hometown of Białystok. He was able to visit his parents and say goodbye to his friend Dzionek. “Before the official program of the visit, I visited my parents, knowing that things could be different – ​​I said goodbye to Dzionek, and he was happy, wagging his tail, and even got up and went to drink water for the first time in 24 hours,” he says.

As the politician reported, Dzionek could not handle the hours-long separation, so he went to Holonia’s parents. “He didn’t take my long absences well when I went to work, so we decided he would be better off with my parents. Half a year in the countryside, he was the apple of my eye 24/7. They loved him and loved him.” He loved them. A dog’s paradise,” we read in the entry.

Szymon Hołownia admitted that “only Grafit remained of the whole gang.” The dog is also sick, but is doing well. “These dogs of ours have been really poorly thought out, with their very short lives, something is wrong here,” Holonia laments.

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