Radomiac fans welcomed the players after the derby loss.  “We've had enough”

Defeating against a local rival is always painful, and when you lose to them by a score of 0:4, the anger boils over. Radomiac Radom fans decided to gather in front of the club headquarters and salute the players after their return from the first leg against Corona Kielce. The fans waited for the team and expressed their opinion about this performance.

First of all, it should be noted that the entire event took place in a peaceful atmosphere. The large group of fans who were waiting for Radomiak's players did not expect them to give up their shirts, which is often the case in such situations, and there was no physical confrontation. As the players got off the bus, representatives of the fan group gave a short speech expressing their frustration at the embarrassing result.

You can lose, but not like this, not against Corona. My baby was crying at home! Damn 2-3 in Lodz (in the previous round Radomiak lost to ŁKS 2-3), it's unfortunate and embarrassing, what I did – The players heard.

Radomiak adds a touch of excitement to the relegation match

Radomiac fans were waiting for the players outside the club after the loss to Corona Kielce

The biggest complaints from fans were about commitment, or rather lack thereof. In their opinion, many players missed the match and did not show the desire to fight, which is unacceptable in the eyes of the fans in derby matches. The grievances were not addressed in any specific direction, although it is known that footballers such as Leandro Rossi were not the recipients of these accusations.

We can reassure those who are curious about which part of the lecture was understood by many foreign players from Radomiac. One fan tried to explain to foreigners in fluent English that “Corona is their club’s biggest competitor,” so the defeat is very painful for everyone and that “the coat of arms they wear on their shirts means more to many people than they do.” I can imagine.” One Southerner was particularly upset when he heard that his game featured “zero ambition, no desire and no fight.”

The fans also warned the players that after this performance they do not want to see them celebrating anywhere and do not want to be in their place if any of them are caught with a drink or a glass in their hand.

We've had enough. Do something silly to win a game for the rest of the season. On Sunday you will win in Zagłębie – It was said at the end, then torches and firecrackers were set off and many fan classics accompanying such situations were sung, such as “Radomiak is my”, “Radomiak play fucking mother” and “Fight, train, Radomiak shall dominate”.

Radomiak has yet to defeat Corona in Extraklassa

The defeat to Corona Kielce was the fourth consecutive match in Radom Kielce's “Holy War” in which the Greens failed to win. Radomiak last defeated their regional rival while still playing in Extraklassa, in a match in which they achieved the long-awaited return to the top flight since the 1980s. A year later, when Corona again entered the elite, Kelce's team won 2-0 and 2-1. This season, there was a draw at the beginning, and now the Świętokrzejski Voivodeship team has won again. It is worth noting that this time Radomiak fans did not watch the match in Kielce from the stands as a result of the punishment for the brawl that accompanied their visit to the neighboring city last year.

The background to the conflict, which makes the meetings of these teams arouse greater emotion for both sides than regular league matches, is presented in an article describing the political and social antagonisms between Radom and Kelce.

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