June 10, 2023


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World Figure Skating Championships 2023. Ekaterina Korakova No. 16 among soloists: results and report

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The 20-year-old Kurakuwa, who has been representing Poland for several years, did very well in the short program, finishing ninth. She fared much worse in the free program on Friday, receiving only the 17th note, which translated to 16th in the final rankings.

Video: Eurosport Korakuwa’s completely free program at the World Figure Skating Championships

A year ago, the Moscow-born figure skater was 13th at the World Championships, and this season she was below the podium at the European Championships.

Domination of soloists from Asia

In Saitama, the competition was dominated by Asians, who finished fourth in the top six.

Sakamoto defended his Montpellier title. The Japanese, who won the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics last year, has already racked up a large number of points in the short program and maintained the lead in the freestyle, although she lost to Korea’s Hye Lee, who had a season-high score of 147.32. .

Video: Eurosport Sakamoto is the best in the soloists competition at the World Figure Skating Championships

The bronze medal was won by Luina Hendricks, who finished second a year ago, at the World Championships and European Championships in January. The Belgian took fifth place in the short program and fourth in the freestyle, but this regularity was enough to jump onto the podium.

Japanese Mai Miyahara, who finished third halfway, dropped to fifth place, while Korean Chaeyeon Kim, who finished third in Friday’s competition, advanced significantly from 12th to sixth place.

The performance in Saitama of the Georgian European champion Anastasga Gubanova, who finished 15th, did not go well.

The end of the competition – on Saturday.



1- Kaori Sakamoto (Japan) 224.61 points (79.24 / 145.37)
2 – Hen Lee (Korea Republic) 220.94 (73.62 / 147.32)
3 – Luina Hendricks (Belgium) 210.42 (71.94 / 138.48)
4. Isabeau Levito (USA) 207.65 (73.03 / 134.62)
5 – Mai Miyahara (Japan) 205.70 (73.46 / 132.24)
6 – Chaeyeon Kim (Korea Republic) 203.51 (64.06 / 139.45)

16 – Yekaterina Korakuwa (Poland) 181.43 (65.69 / 115.74)

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