The hacked Solar Orbiter reveals the sun like never before

Solar Orbiter is equipped with a suite of instruments, including an imager extreme ultraviolet (EUI). Its mission is to image structures in the heliosphere chromosphere to corona. It’s actually three in one: a full solar camera that shows the general structure of the star at coronal temperatures, and two high-resolution telescopes operating in specific wavelength ranges.

The biggest challenge facing all probes sent towards the sun is Starlight and temperature. Strong light obscures the most important details, so scientists are unable to fully observe some phenomena.

This idea came up with one of the scientists working on the Solar Orbiter team Introduce the probe to the new operating mode. Thanks to this idea, it became possible to record part of the solar atmosphere in the wavelength range of extreme ultraviolet radiation, which was previously impossible. The new mode has been activated. Thank you Camera hack.

This “break-in” involved adding a tool to the door small protruding element, looks like a “thumb” and weighs literally a few grams. When the door opens, it only allows light to enter the camera halfway, and your thumb It obscures the bright disk of the sun. Thus, the EUI can detect ultraviolet light a million times weaker coming from the surrounding corona.

The new system has been tested since 2021, but only now has the team working on it confirmed Success of the experiment. Therefore, a video was published showing an ultraviolet image of the solar corona to Using a hidden EUI.

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