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Dying Light 2: The makers of Techland bring you the open world and game music

Dying Light 2: The makers of Techland bring you the open world and game music

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September 30, 2021, 22:35

Today at 21:00, the fourth broadcast of the Dying 2 Know series begins, with the developers from Techland introducing Dying Light 2. This time we can learn more, incl. The open world and audio track.

according to Ads Today at 21:00 on the brand channel dying light The fourth stream of the Dying 2 Know series is on YouTube. In subsequent episodes, the developers of the Polish company Techland explain the individual aspects of the upcoming game death light 2. This time, the creators discussed the open world of production, introduced how the soundtrack was created, which we will hear during the game, and also introduced actress Rosario Dawson to a wider audience. (Known for appearing as Jill in the movie Sin City Or Ahsoka Tano in the series Mandalorianin). You will play as the character Lowan, who is important to the story. You can watch the streaming recording below.

open world death light 2 It responds to the actions and decisions of the player-controlled hero, Aiden Caldwell. Some of the choices you can make will bring the city to life and thus give its people hope of rebuilding civilization after the zombie apocalypse.

About the musician v death light 2 Olivier Dervier replies. Interestingly, the soundtrack was recorded in London Abbey Road StudiosIt is one of the world’s most famous recording studios, and is used by cult crews such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and U2. During the broadcast, the first track of the game’s soundtrack was presented Run, jump, fight. I leave it at the end of this message.

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I remember that New release date death light 2 It is February 4, 2022. The title will debut on PC, PS4, PS5, XOne, and XSX | S and Switch. Find information on previous episodes of the Dying 2 Know . series HereAnd Here I Here. I also encourage you to read Parkour skills by David Bell, who will play the role of mentor to the protagonist of the game.