Choristes du Nord’s annual show “Destination” is fast approaching!
The annual Choristes du Nord program brings together 70 singers from Sept-Îles and Port-Cartier (Facebook photo, Les Choristes du Nord)

70 singers from the North will perform at the Jean Marc Dion Hall on Friday at 7:30pm and Saturday at 2pm. The program is called “Target, a collection of songs for you”.

It represents the theme of Journey, a nod to the past of Guy Bourlier, choir director and founder of the Chœur du Nord. For 4 years he was a singer on cruise ships, “each choir would come on stage, each representing one of the Sept-Isles”.

With songs by multiple artists, the talent will vary. Ginette Reno, 2Frères, Starmania and a tribute to Cowboys Fringants will be part of the lineup.

Make room for the public

Mr. Bourlier wants to make sure as many people as possible can attend the event. Last year it was a full house and we had to turn people away. That’s why there are two events this year. Guy Bourlier will kill two birds with one stone by accommodating a larger audience and offering a more varied schedule.

“Last year we had people who told us they loved it, but it was too late in the evening for them. They gave us the idea of ​​doing the show in the afternoon.”

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