A new record and a billionaire victory.  The stock market boom is heating up

At the end of the stock market session on Thursday, the WIG20 index reached 2565 points. It is 0.6 percent. Higher than the previous day. At the peak, the average exceeded 2573 points. The last time this high was reached in the early days of February 2018.

During the week, investment in the largest listed companies achieved gains at a rate of approximately 4%. Since the beginning of the year, we have been talking about profits of up to 10%.

Cyfrowy Polsat is the hero of the day on the stock exchange

On Monday, Allegro was one of the heroes of the day, gaining almost 10% in a few hours. A day later, the market was shaken by the statements of Industry Minister Marzena Czarnicka. After her words, the prices of state-owned energy companies rose on a similar scale. On Thursday, the business of billionaire Zygmunt Sollors, i.e. Cyfrowy Polsat, was at the top of the WIG20.

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