March 20, 2023


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Hubert Hurkacz on deck at the tournament in San Diego

Hubert Hurkacz on deck at the tournament in San Diego

Hurkacz was right to fear Thursday’s duel with Kararacewo. The Russian is inspired this season in the ATP. He played in the semi-finals of the Australian Open, won the tournament in Dubai, from 113th at the end of last year jumped to 23rd, although today he is “only 24”. They’ve only faced each other once so far, four years ago in a challenge in Shenzhen, China. The Polish tennis player was on top at that time.

In the first set, the fight finally broke out. Until match eight, none of the players had a break point. Hurkacz was the first to break the opponent’s serve and lead 5:3. Caraccio immediately made up for this loss and took advantage of the second break point.

The Poles had the opportunity to finish the match in the 10th game (two break points lost), but what was late does not go away, the tiebreak did not happen. Hurkacz won the match at Karasiwa Stadium for the second time and the group ended with a score of 7:5.

In the second set, both players initially won again their service games with complete confidence. The first to threaten the opponent Karasev. In the eighth game – when Hurkacz was leading – the Russian led by 40:15. The Pole defended himself with a powerful serve first, but already lost his second break point. It was 4:3 for the semi-finals of this year’s Australian Open.

That one break for Hurkacz’s serve was enough for Carraggio to win the set. It was the first set the Poles lost since the US Open and the match against Italian Adrias Seppi.

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In the third, problems began in the opening match. Hurkacz lost his service. He obviously played weaker, and he hasn’t had that confidence since the last games. After the third match, Pole took a medical break. He complained of pain in his right shoulder.

Since then, he has won another game. He was unable to stand up to his opponent. However, Hurkacz fought to the end. He got two break points in the eighth game – as it turned out -.

Hurkacz now has a few days to rest before the Indian Wells Championships, which begins on Wednesday. This break in the competition will be very beneficial for him.


Hubert Hurkacz (Poland, 5) – Aslan Karagio (Russia) 7:5, 4:6, 2:6.