DOOM turns 30 today!  This game changed our industry forever

Today is the desired day! The day everyone was waiting for. Exactly 30 years ago, the first part of the DOOM series was released. The creators celebrate the anniversary of the famous brand.

It’s hard to believe, but exactly 30 years ago, the first installment of the now famous game DOOM was released, created by, among others, such geniuses as John Romero, John Carmack, Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen. Of course, it was not the first first-person shooter, but, along with Wolfenstein 3D, it was one of the first and most innovative games in history, which literally created the foundations of the entire genre.

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Over the course of three decades, the game has had a billion ports of everything that has a screen, can have a screen, and has been released within other games where you can create a screen. Many years have passed, and the original DOOM is still highly playable, visually attractive, and has great design for both the world, monsters, and secrets. This is just a legendary game.

Thank you for 30 years killers! #dom30

So far, five main parts of the series have been released, and we are still waiting for any movements regarding the further direction of the series’ development after the great Doom Eternal. In your opinion, what does the future hold for id Software?

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