Portal 64 creator asks players 'not to get angry at Valve';  He has plans for an original game
January 15, 2024, at 22:09

The creator of the canceled game Portal 64 intends to begin work on his original production. At the same time, he asked the gaming community concerned about his canceled project not to hold any grudges against Valve.

Image source: James Lambert/YouTube.


Last week, news emerged that the Team Fortress 2 remake had been canceled at the request of Valve, which casually mentioned that a similar fate had befallen the remake titled Gate 64. The author of the latest project recently asked the frustrated gaming community not to “get too angry” with Steam management over this decision.

  1. James Lambert, because that is the name of the author of the unpublished book Gate 64was posted for approximately seven minutes film On YouTube.
  2. He appealed to the players to curb unnecessary emotions and not hold any grudge against the giant.
  3. Especially since, he said, he expects such a step at some stage of development.
  4. In addition to this request, the article indicates the following: The creator plans to start working on an “original game for Nintendo 64 and PC”.

mentioned previously project Gate 64 It was a conversion of a game developed by Valve outlet And Nintendo 64. As we already know, nothing was achieved from this project because the creator used resources belonging to Nintendo.

Let's hope the community respects James Lambert's words and eagerly awaits the announcement of his next production, which this time will be completely legal and original.

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