Interest in Angel Rodado is growing.  Two clubs want a Visla striker

WP SportoweFakty / Paweł Piotrowski / Pictured: Angel Rodado

Pyotr Kozminski

Angel Rodado is having a successful season with Wisła. The Spaniard has previously scored 9 goals, making him the second top scorer. According to information from WP SportoweFakty, the White Star’s goals do not go unnoticed. There are two clubs interested in him.

Angel Rodado had already broken his own scoring record from the previous season when he scored eight goals for Wisła Kraków in the Fortuna First League.

At this stage, the Spaniard has nine league goals, to which he has also added three assists. He added two more goals in the Polish Cup, and Wisła is still in contention for this cup.

Nine league goals means Rodado is Visła’s top scorer, alongside Djoko, and in the Ekstraklasa’s overall stand-in scorer rankings, giving him equal second place. The leader is Łukasz Sekulski from Wisła Płock, who has two other goals.

Rodado’s shooting performance is making the Spaniard arouse interest in the transfer market. According to information from WP SportoweFakty, there are two clubs currently interested in the player from Mallorca. One of them is…the Ukrainian team.

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Under normal circumstances Ukraine might be taken into consideration, but in the current situation it is difficult to imagine that Rodado would replace Poland with a country fighting against Russian bandit aggression. But the Ukrainians’ interest in the Spaniard does not end there. According to our information, a Polish club is monitoring his situation. This is a team from the top half of the table.

If the transfer takes place (sooner or later), it will mean a profit for Wisła, because Rodado has a contract until the summer of 2025. On the other hand, getting the Spaniard out of Kraków may not be easy, because in the spring Wisła will fight for promotion to Extraklasa. However, at the moment, we are talking about interest, the clubs considering Rodado have not yet made an offer to Visla. However, it is possible that this will happen soon.

Piotr Kozminski, journalist at WP SportoweFakty

Another amazing result for Wisła Kraków

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