Remake of Dead Space in full comparison.  EA will provide a terrifying horror game

EA Motive shared several new screenshots from Dead Space Remake, thanks to which we were able to see the updated frame of the hit created by Visceral Games. The last comparison allows you to carefully check what the new and old versions look like.

The official announcement of the restored survival horror film, which debuted in 2008, was met with great enthusiasm by the audience. Players’ high expectations may be one of the reasons why Electronic Arts owners give developers extra time to improve gameplay and eliminate bugs that arise. We’ll have to wait 10-12 months for production, but the latest weather shots give the impression of a promising adventure.

During last week’s broadcast, the studio focused on comparing sound and discussing the techniques used to ensure the most realistic sound possible. The film also provided several shots from the game, which, when compared, directly showed the differences in the setting. The creators plan to significantly modernize the horror, however, the transportation of players to well-known places will bring new impressions. In the material below, you will see how the play of light can drastically change the atmosphere of the viewer, thus offering a different experience.

If you are already preparing for the premiere of the new show, you should expect a lot of new game parts and trailers in the coming months. EA will certainly try to extend the promotion of the item, which could turn out to be one of the successes of next year.

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