Alan Wake Remastered in the official comparison.  Microsoft showcases the game and improvements

Microsoft has just published new material from the updated writer’s adventure. The trailer introduces some parts of the game that let you see what Alan Wake Remastered looks like compared to the original. It must be admitted that the developers did not waste any time.

Alan Wake Remastered is coming to two generations of consoles and PCs (Switch version still unconfirmed) and a message about the updated game just popped up on the Xbox blog. In the script, Remedy Entertainment confirms that it has partnered with d3t studio, which helped update the title and prepare its latest release.

The creators confirmed the quality of the game on Xboxes and revealed the prepared improvements:

So what’s new in Alan Wake Remastered? First, the game runs in 4K at 60 fps on Xbox Series X and 1080p at 60 fps on Xbox Series S. You can expect remastered scenes with improved face and lip sync animations, richer environments and improved character models that have refreshed the skin and hair shading. Materials and textures have also been improved, as well as smoothing, shadows, simulating wind and increased cloud distance.”

The developers have taken care of the significant improvement in character models, But the animation teams also had to handle the title so that it delivers the expected quality and the game can look good on the move. Remedy had to take care of, among other things, a completely new motion capture for the dialogues, and the authors developed more than 600 new elements to give the correct expression to all scenes.

Alan Wake Remastered wasn’t a simple port, because the game was old, and it worked with old techniques, so the authors had to take care of the basics before they could improve on the details.

Despite a lot of work, Alan Wake Remastered will debut at a low priceBut according to rumors, this is a marketing move It is to show the IP address to a wide audience so that they become interested in the upcoming Alan Wake 2.


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