Do heat pump owners fall into the trap?  Here’s what awaits them

I mention it after the changes No price increase of up to 3,000 kWh for households will apply (previously it was 2,000 kWh), for people with disabilities 3,600 kWh (it was 2,600 kWh), and for farmers and families with a large family capacity 4,000 kWh (it was 3,000 kWh).

Heat pumps can mean high bills

Exceeding these limits means higher bills. claims that if we heat the house with a heat pump, the energy consumption will certainly be higher than the established limits.

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“According to industry organization PORT PC, in the case of an average 150-square-meter home, a heat pump would consume annually from 3,751 kilowatt-hours to as much as 20,103 kilowatt-hours of energy,” the site reports.

– It should be borne in mind that if a person has a heat pump, consuming 6,000 kWh per year does not mean that he is using energy excessively, but rather that he needs it for heating. Therefore, there should be a separate tariff for these households, says Joanna Maikowiak-Bandera, head of the Energy Forum, for

Heat pump boom

The market, measured by the number of heat pump sales, is reported by PORT PC in 2022 by 120 percent. Compared to 2021. The demand was so high that it definitely exceeded the supply.

In April, the fifth edition of the “Kahrati” program was launched. Subsidies can be obtained not only for photovoltaics, but also for heat pumps and solar collectors. The maximum support that can be obtained is PLN 58,000. zlotysThe entire program budget is PLN 955 million.

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