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Coal prices 2022. How much does a ton of coal cost? Current prices for coal in mines and warehouses

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Coal prices will finally fall in 2022 – this is the information provided by Deputy Minister for Assets Karol Rabanda

Coal prices in 2023 are declining! This is good news, because the price of a ton of coal in Poland has increased from 800-1000 PLN per ton to 3000-4000 PLN over the course of a year – this is the average cost of environmentally friendly pea charcoal, nut charcoal or pea charcoal at the end of 2022. What What are the current coal prices?

table of contents

  1. Current coal prices in Poland
  2. Current prices for coal in warehouses
  3. Coal prices in the world – ARA prices
  4. Coal prices in the PGG store

Current coal prices in Poland

Let us remind you that since 2021 coal has become more expensive 400%from level 800-1000 PLN per ton up to 3000-4000 PLN and more. Already from the middle of 2022 Environmental pea charcoal prices It jumped to an average of 3,000 PLN per ton. In addition, the availability of fuel coal is currently very limited. The average household needs 3 to 5 tons of coal for the winter.

At the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, coal prices will fall.

Current prices for coal in warehouses

– Within a few weeks, coal prices in private warehouses fell from more than PLN 3,500 per ton to the level of prices at which local governments supply coal, i.e. 2000 PLN per ton – announced the Deputy Minister of Assets, Karol Rabanda, on January 10. Government intervention in the market has been effective. A kind of price speculation has ended (…) due to lack of supply, – he added.

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Karol Rabanda noted that state-owned companies have already imported 14 million tons of coal, thanks to which this fuels not only homes, but also the energy and heating sectors.

“This is probably a record amount, given the capacity of Polish ports. Thanks to this, we have secured coal – not only the much talked about, that is, coal for homes, but to a large extent in energy industry, heating, small enterprises (… ), and, for example, public institutions, such as schools in small towns, ”- reported Rabinda.

The deputy minister added that the “coal gap” that has existed in Poland for many years and which was filled by private entities has been successfully eliminated. We have reversed delivery directions from the east to other directions – Rabinda emphasized.

– He noted that as a result of sanctions, as well as other actions of the government and state-owned companies, we made Poland 100% independent of Russian coal.

Coal prices in the world – ARA prices

According to the current price index, January 13, 2023, in European ARA ports, a ton of coal costs approximately $173it’s a About 750 PLN.

Coal prices in the PGG store

In the online store for individual customers Polish mining group – the largest coal producer in Poland – various types of coal and pea coal are offered, as well as fine coal. Coal prices here are very attractive.

Coal prices from the PGG website for January 13, 2023:

  • Pieklorz, Karlik Eco-Peas in Bags – PLN 1770, tons
  • Pieklorz, Karlik Ekogroszek Bulk – PLN 1520.00 / ton
  • Greenpal Ekomił – 1335 PLN / ton
  • Walnuts and peas – 1420 PLN / ton.
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In the year 2022, it has almost been introduced to the PGG online store Half a million orders for about 1.5 million tons of coal and fine coal According to company information.

Last year, before the launch of the preferential coal sales program by local governments, the PGG online store was the main distribution channel for heating coal for homes – hence the record year in terms of coal sales for the PGG online store.

It should be noted that since mid-November 2022, the PGG store has been selling only bagged charcoal and fine charcoal. The company states that this is due to the coal being redirected from the online store to the coal distribution needs of local governments.

Shopping sessions in the PGG Online Store are scheduled daily from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. If stock is still available, your next shopping session may begin at 6:00 PM. Premium charcoal is on display in the store on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and packaged charcoals are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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