They just officially showed a fully autonomous tractor.  You won't believe what you can do! [WIDEO]

John Deere officially unveiled its first fully autonomous farm tractor at CES2022. It’s a nice treat for growers, and as they say, it works great. Someone tested it for several years!

AI Autonomous Tractor – Looks Like A Revolution In Agriculture

The American company John Deere has unveiled its first fully autonomous farm tractor and it’s by no means a concept. This tractor, which you will see in the video below, has been working on several farms for several years and is now available for purchase.

It has, among other things, a TruSet-equipped chisel plow, a GPS navigation system, six pairs of stereo cameras that detect obstacles in a 360-degree range and many other advanced technologies.

Images from the cameras are transmitted to a neural network that sorts each pixel in about 100 milliseconds. This allows you to determine if the tractor is still moving or stopping depending on the detected obstacle. The real revelation is that this machine, thanks to its neural network, can distinguish “weeds” from “crops” and remove selected plants!

It looks like the future farmer will “do more with less” with a new tractor

John Deere has acquired several technology companies in recent years, which has allowed him to develop a prototype of an autonomous tractor. Today it is a production version that was first used by a farmer from Minnesota – Doug Nimza. He had it on his farm for several years.

The new John Deere tractor is designed to help farmers “do more with less.” This is a useful solution at a time when the number of agricultural workers is declining and the need to feed a growing population is increasing. This tractor requires no operator.

“It takes a while to get comfortable because… first, you’re totally amazed at this sight,” Nimes said in an interview. zc | Clear.

The tractor completes the work on time and with high quality every time. Inside the machine, John Deere installed everything needed to manually control the tractor. Therefore, the farmer can control it manually, and not just independently.

Farmers control their autonomous tractor using smartphones. They can see a map of where he works in the field. In addition, they can start and stop, and watch a recording of the progress of work in the field or the obstacle encountered. There is only one condition – Internet access and some free cash to purchase the device.

Deere did not say how much the new independent tractor would cost. Today, the cost of the most expensive machines of the company can reach 800 thousand dollars.

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