changes to employees.  New regulations in 2022

2022 means Big changes for employees and employers. In connection with the introduction of the Polish system, the amount of net salaries will change. The rules for granting parental leave will also be different.

lowest wages

At the beginning of 2022, the minimum wage was raised. As of January, it reaches PLN 3010, which is 210 PLN more than last year.

Due to the introduction of the Polish system, people with a minimum national income will not pay income tax. Only pension, disability, sickness and health contributions will be deducted from your salary. In total, earning owners “at hand” national lowest level They will receive 2,363.56 PLN.

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Along with the increase in the minimum wage, the minimum hourly wage is also increasing, which will be 19.70 in 2022.

All allowances and benefits calculated on its basis will also increase. For example, the night work allowance, the maximum severance pay, or the amount exempted from the deduction.


Polish arrangement

The Polish system, which has been in force since January, means salary changes not only for those with the lowest national income.

Because of the increase in the tax-deductible amount, employees earn up to approx. The total zloty will be a little bit Higher wages on hand.

Besides the tax changes, the government has also introduced a tax credit to the middle class to offset additional costs that employees will incur due to the non-deductible health insurance contribution.


The exemption applies to persons who earn income from full-time work and business activities in the range from PLN 68,412 to PLN 133,692, i.e. from PLN 5701 to PLN 11,141 gross per month.

Pay with benefits

In January 2022, the compensation regulations came into effect The benefit of the diseaseTo prevent a situation in which an employee, taking sick leave due to various illnesses, can significantly extend the sickness benefit payment period (currently 80% of wages) above the 182-day limit applicable per year.

This was possible thanks to the provisions in the Benefit Act, which make the calculation of the period of benefit depend on the entity of the disease. If, after termination of dismissal, the employee becomes ill with another illness, the period spent on unemployment benefit is not added.


So it was possible, at least in theory, to take uninterrupted sick leave. Provided you have different diseases.

From the new year will not be possible. If the interval between consecutive work disabilities is less than 60 days, ZUS will summarize the exemptions for one set of 182 days – regardless of what you refer to..

motherhood vacation

From January 1, the rules for granting parental leave have also changed. Directives from the European Parliament and the Council on work-life balance adopted in 2019 It forced EU countries to commit to introducing new regulations. All countries have until August 2022 to implement the changes.


Guidance is assumed Giving parents the right Leave of at least four months, equally divided. Most importantly, it will not be possible to transfer the leave to one of the parents. If neither parent takes leave, the leave will be forfeited.

This means that parents will have Two months of vacation. Until now, Polish law has not provided for the part of parental leave that each parent is entitled to take individually, except for the first 14 weeks. maternity leave for the child’s mother.

vaccination monitoring

Adoption of a law allowing employers Collecting data on the vaccinations of its employees We are still waiting. If new regulations are passed, entrepreneurs will be able to require employees to submit vaccination certificates or coronavirus tests.

sobriety control

Regulations that will enable employers to conduct discreet monitoring of employees are still being worked out.

According to the applicable regulations, if the employer suspects that the employee is drunk, he can call the police. The audit itself can only be done if there is a “legitimate interest in the observer”, which means that it needs additional evidence.

Distance working

Although two years have passed since the outbreak of the epidemic, and by that time many panels are accustomed to working remotely, this model is still not clearly defined in the regulations.

We are still waiting Labor law amendment, which is to clearly define the scope of the obligations of the employer and employee in this regard.

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