Disaster on board a British Airways plane.  The flight attendant died in front of the passengers

The incident occurred on New Year's Eve At Heathrow Airport in London. Just before the plane bound for Hong Kong took off, one of the flight attendants He felt bad and fell to the ground.

Everything happened when The passengers were already in their seatsThe plane's doors were closed – according to British media.

Pilot immediately The boot process was interrupted And seek medical assistance on board. To the agent One of the passengers came to the rescueWho is trained in first aid.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of rescuers He died at the age of 52. The flight has been cancelled. The passengers flew to Hong Kong the next day.

The second death on board British Airways

The media reminds us that this is the case The second sudden death of a cabin crew member British tanker in recent days.

The first such event occurred December 23, 2023. And also a 52-year-old flight attendant. Then he died suddenly in his hotel room While stopping.

The flight, which was scheduled to serve from Newark in the US to London, was canceled and passengers were transferred to later flights.

Both 52-year-old men died, media reported They were in good condition and did not report any previous health problems.

“Our thoughts are with the friends and families of our colleagues at this very sad time,” the line said. British Airways In the current situation.

“Events”: An elderly person was killed in Bruisi. A 19-year-old man was arrested/Polsat News/Polsat News

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