Pensioners are disappointed about the second indexation of pensions.  Shocking news!  This is going to be a nightmare – Super Express

The government project does not meet expectations

According to the draft law on the second indexation of pensions and pensions, it will be introduced in September if inflation exceeds 5% in the first half of the year. The increase will be in effect until the end of February, and from March there will be a benchmark index based on inflation for the whole year. The increase in March should not be less than the increase in September.

The Polish Association of Pensioners, Pensioners and People with Disabilities provided comments on the project. – The assumptions indicate that this will be additional indexing, which is temporary support, and The elderly expected a second valuation in the full sense of the word. So there is some support, but it does not fully meet expectations. Additional indexation for half a year could also reduce indexation the following year, but I don’t know what it would look like with specific values ​​- Dr. Elbieta Ostrovska, President of PZERiI, tells us.

Donald Tusk has such a pension from ZUS. Retirees will be shocked!

OPZZ demands changes to the project

The National Alliance of Trade Unions also provided its comments on the project. – We negatively evaluate the fact that additional indexation is not an additional increase in benefits, but only Accelerating payment of part of the March increase – Sébastien Coquin, Vice President of OPZZ, tells us.

The unionists also demand, among other things, that the text on freezing negotiations at the level of the second measurement indicator within the Social Dialogue Council 2024-2025 be deleted from the draft. They also do not agree to the 20 percent condition. Real wage growth in shaping the additional index in the current and next year. OPZZ has long called on the government to use 50% in the index. Real wage growth, and the proposed bill denies this possibility.

The Heart of the Matter – Michel Gramatica SE

in the end

Should pensions really be a second indexation, as is the case with the minimum wage increase?

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