“Grendel”: Jeff Bridges and Dave Bautista in the film about Beowulf’s enemy
Jeff Bridges will play the lead role in the film “Grendel” produced by the Jim Henson Company. It is an adaptation of John Gardner’s famous novel, and is an unusual interpretation of the Beowulf legend.

“Grendel”: About the movie

The “Grendel” cast also includes: Dave Bautista (Beowulf), Bryan Cranston (King Hrothgar), Sam Elliott (Dragon), Thomasin Mackenzie (Quinn Wealthow), Aidan Turner (Unferth), and T Bone Burnett (The Shaper). I also write songs for the film. Screenwriter and director is Robert D. Krzykowski.

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The Polish publisher of “Grendel” advertises Gardner’s novel as follows: The first and most terrifying monster in the history of English literature straight from the great epic Beowulf tells his own version of the story in a book described by William Gass as one of the greatest modern tales. Grendel narrates the actions of people who have a sense of superiority, unable to understand their brutality, their lust for murder, or their fear. It is a unique treatise on human hypocrisy and intolerance.

Jeff Bridges: the most important roles

Bridges, 74, is a veteran Hollywood star. He has appeared on screen for more than five decades. His role in 1971’s The Last Film Show was his ticket to his career. So he received the first Oscar nomination in his career. In the following years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also nominated him for his roles in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, The Star Visitor, The Hidden Truth, True Grit, and All the Way to Hell. . He won an Academy Award for his role in the movie “Crazy Heart.” Other important titles in the actor’s filmography include: “The Big Lebowski”, “TRON”, “Fisher King” and “Iron Man”.

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