Prince Harry: This companion allowed him to send a clear message to Charles III and William

On May 8, 2024, Prince Harry attended a church service 10 years Invictus Games. The youngest son of King Charles III of England traveled alone. Meghan Markle, wife of the Duke of Sussex, stayed in Montecito, California.

Neither Charles III nor Prince William He came to attend the event Held at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. Prince Harry’s second father, Mark Trier, provided valuable support even though none of the royals were traveling.

Prince Harry: A clear message to his brother and sworn enemy, King Charles III

Prince Harry, 39, was there Almost alone If we consider the fact that no one from his paternal family came to support him at Saint-Paul Cathedral. Also, it was not possible for the Duke of Sussex to meet his fatherKing Charles III of England, as part of his short 48-hour stay.

This last visit to London would have allowed Prince HarrySend subtle and clear messages Regarding her father, King Charles III of England and Prince William, her “Dear brother and sworn enemy“, he described in his book Spare. Prince Harry’s medals allowed him to say no Not a bad guy His father and brother describe him. In fact, Meghan Markle’s husband wore his Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order medal to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Prince Harry: What Charles III and William can’t take away from him

KCVO Star, OR Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian OrderHe had Awarded in 2015 By his late grandmother Elizabeth II, not for nothing. Queen Elizabeth II presented the medal to Prince Harry “Services rendered to the Monarchy“. According to Tom Quinn, wearKCVO Star A way for Meghan Markle’s husband to put it is “His grandmother appreciated his contribution His father and brother are not“.

Further: “Wearing the pendant is a way of emphasizing that Harry is not the bad boy portrayed by his father and brother.“, explained Tom Quinn. This could also explain Charles III and William as more or less provocative. : “Everything else you have taken from me, but You can’t take this away from me”.

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