Aurora over Poland.  We received such photos on Kontakt24

On Friday evening and night, the northern lights appeared over Poland. He was delighted with its color and uniqueness. At Kontakt 24 we received photos from Internet users who managed to capture this beautiful sight. A G5 geomagnetic storm was responsible for this phenomenon. “Extreme, the highest possible category. A category that will be talked about for years and entire chapters in astronomy books will be devoted to it,” wrote Carol Wojcicki, astronomy publisher and author of the blog With Your Head in the Stars.

We have already received several photos from you on Kontakt 24 showing the northern lights, which could be observed over Poland last night.

Aurora borealis over Poland. Your relationships

This phenomenon was evident in many places from northern to southern Poland. For some, the overcast skies made observations difficult, but many of you were able to get a beautiful view of the sky sparkling with purple and violet.

If you manage to record or photograph another bora, send us the materials to contact us 24

Geomagnetic storm of the highest category

“We will be talking about this night for years,” Karol Wojcicki, one of the most famous astronomers and author of the blog “With Your Head in the Stars,” wrote on social media.

“I suspected it yesterday morning, but I lacked the courage to write about it publicly – now we know it 100 percent: it was a G5 magnetic storm. Intense, the highest possible category! A category that will be talked about for many years and that will be entire chapters in books about Astronomy! – Added Previously, the Magnetic Storm category was referred to as G4.

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Aurora borealis – what is it and how is it formed?

The aurora borealis is a light phenomenon that occurs mainly near the North and South Poles. The scientific name for the aurora borealis is Northern lights Within the Arctic and Southern Dawn Near the South Pole.

This phenomenon occurs when energetic gas particles sent by the Sun hit the Earth’s upper atmosphere at high speed. The planet is protected from “attack” by its magnetic field. It redirects molecules toward the north and south poles, and the molecules interact with gases in our atmosphere, causing the distinctive multicolored lights to appear.

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Main image source: Dark Qaz/ Contact 24

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