Denis Levesque announced his return to the helm of a daily newspaper

Host Denis Levesque's excitement is palpable across the province and his fans are thrilled to see him back with new projects. On January 19, through social networks, he shared the most exciting news: he will officially return with a daily broadcast online from Monday to Thursday.

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In fact, after completing its last broadcast on the airwaves in May 2022 D.V.A And LCNThus ending 16 years of daily work on these two antennas, Denis Levesque invested himself in his personal projects.

Levesque posted the official announcement of his long-awaited return on his social media:

“🚨 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – MY BIG EARNINGS FOR THE DAILY! Starting next Monday, join me and many other guests on our YouTube channel for a new episode of the Denise Levesque Lay Show every day from Monday to Thursday! Don't forget to subscribe! 👀 »

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Note that the host recently launched his new show on YouTube (also available as a podcast) titled 9 millionThere he received many guests.

With a varied promise of enticing guests, Denis Levesque The Show Constantly sparking buzz-generating debates, it proves itself to be a daily event not to be missed for fans of engaging and dynamic shows.

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