Norwegian general warns against Russia.  Europe is “two or three years old”

The commander of the Norwegian Armed Forces said that Russia is acquiring military equipment very quickly, while other countries are gradually depleting their stocks. Erik Kristofferson added that NATO countries provided a lot of assistance to Ukraine, regardless of its military strength.

Will Russia attack NATO countries?

There is now a period, perhaps lasting a year, two years, perhaps three years, in which we need to invest more in defence. We do not know what will happen to Russia in three years. It is important for us to face an uncertain and unpredictable world with a strong national defence, he told Norwegian news agency NTB on Sunday.

Kristofferson noted that Russia has quickly moved to a “war economy” and is being strengthened by its allies in Iran and North Korea. In his opinion, Vladimir Putin may decide to attack other countries, even if he does not win in Ukraine. The general encouraged the Norwegians to stock up on food and prepare for possible combat.

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He said that the Norwegian people should think about their preparedness.

Earlier, Christopherson's Swedish counterpart, Mikael Bedén, and the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, spoke similar words. The two men said that the remaining European countries should be prepared for a possible attack by Russia, which could lead to World War III.

According to documents obtained from the German Ministry of Defense, by July, Russian forces will carry out a series of attacks in the Baltic states, and by 2025 an all-out war will break out with NATO. German intelligence also warned that the Kremlin would launch a propaganda campaign about conflicts along Russia's borders to justify its attacks on Eastern Europe.

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