Did you like the District 31 final?

Satisfied that Luc Dionne came across District 31 Six years after ICI Radio-Canada Tele? You are in good company. Following a plea from everyone, it is clear that the final broadcast last Thursday was almost unanimous. Selection of reader comments here.

Released at 12:00 noon yesterday.

“Luke Dion won the final District 31 In an exemplary manner. Every minute was full of emotions. My most favorite moment was when the commander released the deer, especially you know he killed Banu! I liked it when he admitted to Melissa Carpell that she was right. Mr. Dion really looked around the characters and I really enjoyed watching them in the future. I never missed a show. I recorded every episode. It’s an addiction (I almost created a DA movement, District Anonymous!). This is the only reason I’m happy that it’s over: I’ve regain my freedom! ⁇

Yolande Lapointe

“Brilliant, from Luke Dion, should end the life of District 31 at the same time as the show. Farewell and wet eyes doubled their role in these two combined results. This result allowed us to see many of our favorite actors one last time. Tip: Create a quiz show about the series (just like the show did) All for one At the time of Tintin’s adventures). I firmly believe that many faithful 31 followers will face the challenge of measuring the answers to the questions. Winners may be given an essay (derivative) of the show: for example, a coffee cup with SPGM crest. It’s amazing to be able to identify which actors played which roles in these six years. Recommendation launched! Chick! ⁇

Richard Genest

“It’s an exceptional series, I have been following it year after year with great pleasure. During my imprisonment, I must not forget that this series continued and, in my case, was fun to say the least, but it contributed to my balance, because every evening I was able to truly find it. Thanks to the artists who provided so much entertainment and fun!

Lucy Aller

“This last episode lived up to my expectations! Tearless emotion, elegantly curled loops, a dramatic punch: Poupou’s son’s revenge, the well – measured tragedy of the characters leaving each other, the acting of all the actors who fascinated us for six years.” What about Epilogue a few years later! Brilliant and comforting! Thanks for knitting Luke Dion and his plots, who kept us in suspense this time! Thanks to the techno artists who brought it all to life!

Louis Cunningham

“Yes, it is District 31 Our leisure time was the best pastime ever. At 80, our TV got a lot of time from the start to “hang” at 7pm. The screenplay never disappoints the cast! On the contrary! We really wanted it to continue for the next half hour, my dear and I. But no! We had our own appetite and sometimes tried to watch the next day’s course. At our age, we had time! We offer only the most sincere compliments to everyone who filled in these 21 minutes, whose name is Luke Dion whose name will continue to live with us […] And to the invisible crew behind the cameras, they were able to accomplish everything amazingly with their professionalism! ⁇

Angel and Gilles Prolet

“I would have avoided Label’s murder. Young people do not have much faith. Do you justice. Luc Dionne wanted to end on a dramatic note.

Claire M.

“Radio-Canada may have produced an hour-long special, but no: it’s a short ending, full of joy and beautiful emotions. .Thank you to the entire team, the author, the actors, the actresses, the production artists, the researchers and the other water carriers in the shadows that I will never forget. My friend and I were happy to follow you every day.

Rejean Dubois

“Yes, as a citizen who has spent 17 years in the Inquiry Office of the 45th Post, I was disturbed by the reality I experienced watching some episodes of the series. I did not miss the last series, and I join with all the Qubesar people in telling you that this series is real.”

Mario Zimmert

“Not in line with my expectations. A little bit of tears. There was a little bit more good feeling after all of the murders, the intrigues, the kidnappings, the betrayals, the imprisonment, the madness, the prostitution scenes. And … and how Poupou’s son learned where the label was, that I do not understand how the police officers on the spot, with vigilance and experience, could not prevent this dangerous gesture to life imprisonment … he has already paid enough for the loss of his father. I am hungry.

Hugget Corbo

“I imagined many ‘acceptable’ results … he was better than my imagination. Excessive crying or tears, smiles, winks, action to the end without complicity between characters. A brilliant combination of action and emotion in writing that respects the established rules without arrogance or bad insults That is the skill of the teacher, in my opinion. Relax, Mr. Dion, come to us with this undeniable talent!

Louis Maynard

“With Luc Dionne, you can not have expectations. Each time it overwhelms our imagination and avoids the scenes we imagine. […] The commander’s confessions were delicious, especially with Melissa Carpell. What a role this commander has become, as a model, is an inspiration to managers. The team spirit that ruled within these walls is a lesson for all working groups. The baggage of memories we have from this series will help alleviate this grief. Also, we promise that all of our beloved characters will be happy in their new lives. ⁇

Lucy Thermal

“No. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I found the conversation between Melissa Carpell and Daniel Siason to be meaningless. It’s so funny. I did not understand some of the circumstances of this final. It is also true that Stephen’s son Franசois Label was killed precisely at the time of his arrest.For me, this whole series of events and the resulting Sloppy Sequence show that Luke Dion was out of control and that he did a good job of writing this series.In fact, I seem to be recovering quickly from the loss. District Because he ruined my decision. The only thing that finds grace in my eyes is that it is the tab of time. I would have taken more. ⁇

Joan Marcio

“Yes, the final without much tears! I have to tell Luke Dion that he saved the mental health of all Cubes by constantly writing during his imprisonment! 30 minutes a day in front of our screens took us out of the infection. I and my co-workers should hear and see something other than the infection and discuss the next day, between two screening tests or two injections! Relax well, Luck Dion, you deserve it. ⁇

France Brusso

“You want to know if the final episode met my expectations. Honestly, I tried not to have one. The best way not to be disappointed. On the other hand, I can say that this episode ended well. In fact, Luc Dionne, François Labelle and our dear Daniel Chiasson He finished the story of the conflict between them and gave me a lot of satisfaction.In addition, he had one last punch for us with Label’s death.I had to say that although I expected, I did not see it coming.Finally, there were all the factors that contributed to the success of this series: emotion, intrigue and twists. Looking forward to Dion’s next series. I want him to have a lot of fun at the golf courses this summer.

Odette Ryer

“The result was surprisingly sweet. Beautiful song at the end [Au temps qui ne revient plus, interprétée par Roxane Filion] Was immediately on me Playlist (Thanks, Shajam!). I think the biggest shock will come in September: only then will the shortage be high, when we realize that our essentials are no longer there! Thanks to this year’s emotions and entertainment, the trip was exceptional. ⁇

Josie Coulomb

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