"Habasiller": The producer confirms the members of "It's War" in the project

HabasilarBack to TV Eleven years After its last broadcast, but this time it will do so in an updated format, in which the main participant will be the host and singer. Raul Romero. In this regard, producer Mariana Ramirez del Villar has released some details that will make a difference with the original project.

Since it is a television show that has been aired for many years, its success largely depends on contests and prizes, but mainly due to the naughtiness of the presenter who is complicit with the co-hosts and models, the production is a tough challenge. Conquer the new generation, especially the fansThis is war‘.

“‘Habasiller’ is a form that is new to many, and I hope it will appeal to EEG audiences, even if it is a thing of the past.

“The anticipation with the arrival of Habasilar is very good. Let us remember that this is a project that is much loved by the people. It has been aired for many years and we hope that the public will have good memories about this project. We will meet again. Our biggest challenge now is to win the new generation,” he told reporters. Said.

‘This is Habasilar’

Ramirez del Villar clarified that the new season of ‘Habasiller’ will retain the feel of the original version, but will have some subtleties that will give the current brand a new look, such as new scenes to suit this period.

“Undoubtedly, we like this design: competitive and fun, which means competitors make money, which is a big attraction because it’s not seen on TV for many years and we’re sure the public will get better at it. Pleasure, because everything in life revolves around and back. Everything will be fashionable again, “he concluded.

Habasilar‘Named’This is HabasilarAnd will be broadcast on America TV Signal from January 24 at 7:00 pm.

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