Arcade fire: "It was too long"

On the zoom screen, when asked if Régine Chassagne is eager to meet Montreal fans of arcade fire at the Osheaga Festival this summer, Régine Chassagne’s response received a rocket.

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“I can not, I can not, it was too long,” she laughed, and by her side her boyfriend Vin Butler shared his patience to find himself in front of “a field full of people”.

We can understand. The band’s last concert in Montreal began on September 6, 2017 at the Bell Center following the departure of Will Butler. An eternity.

The couple now live in New Orleans, where they chatted The Registration, There are many reasons to laugh these days. Their new album, We are, Launched last week, delighted fans and critics alike. In addition, after a long hiatus, Arcade Fire is back on stage, especially after being stopped in Coachella last month.

The impact of a song

Created during the plagues, this sixth album is divided into two: the first part, which deals with dark themes, gradually leads to songs filled with hope.

The power of music? Vin Butler still believes it. “You don’t really know, but there’s someone who needs your song, maybe that person is not born yet.

“It could happen at the pharmacy in 17 years,” laughs Regin, Vin interrupts, resuming as he listens to his grandfather’s song in an interview.

“It made me cry because I could imagine him playing with his guitar in the 1930s. It was so intimate, it brought his life to a person’s mind as you approach it.”

Peter sings with Gabriel

Once again a valuable guest appears on the Arcade Fire album. After David Bowie ReflectorPeter Gabriel sings with Regin in the song Unconditional II (race and religion).

“It happened so quickly, we didn’t plan it. We were in London and we emailed him to listen to the album we were finishing. He came and we asked him if he wanted to sing. He said yes,” said Regin, adding that the meeting in the studio carried “a load”. .

“We find ourselves working differently, like crazy. When we explained to him how we work, he told us he did the same thing. God, I thought we weren’t that crazy.”

Arcade Fire will take place on July 29 in Oshoka. You can also watch the band perform at the Juno Awards gala airing on CBC on Sunday night.

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