Days Gone – Brand gone?  No crime sequel

Bend Studio wasn’t going easy in April 2019. Their intellectual property, widely known as Days Gone, suffered review bombing. Before that, expectations for the studio’s game were high. After all, the creators of the Siphon Filter brand have been deservedly written about. Previously, the charming Bubsy 3D could be developed while the studio called Eidetic existed. The story of the demarcation of Al Deacon Al Badawi Street. John’ie (Sam Witwer) was a sensation in light of Sony’s previous releases. Today, four years have passed since then, we still hope that the developer will remind us of Days Gone.

Bend Studio has been known for producing a hugely successful spin-off unknown (Golden Abyss) and the course siphon filter, one of the most exciting series from PSX’s grandfather’s time. Days Gone became the first title released after a long break for the stationary console, PlayStation 4. The actual production cycle started in 2015. Pre-production has been underway since 2013. The team saw the commercial potential Sons of Anarchy And the walking Dead. Both series reached the peak of popularity at that time. From the very beginning, the game was located in Oregon, where the developer’s headquarters are located. Creative director John Garvin felt that central Oregon was the perfect basis for the world concept presented in the game (dense forests, frequent hikes, desert areas). Days passed Grab my senses because at the time of release, I was finishing a marathon of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) stories written and directed by Kurt Sutter.

to be a Bedouin

The turning point in which The Walking Dead inspired us the most was prison seasonsays Days Gone director Jeff Ross. The basic concept, of course, is to return to the dungeon on a regular basis with regular forays for supplies and useful items. This is what underlies the player’s role in the story. For Ross, The Walking Dead sometimes escapes from the core The story, focusing on less important aspects.Hence, Days Gone is mainly based on depicting the main character’s past and motivations.And although many players see something of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in the character of Deacon, the narrative focuses on the search for someone close From the bottom of his heart I won’t reveal more if any of our readers haven’t met Days Gone yet. To date, the title has reached as many as eight million players. Considering the torrent of negative comments from gamers and reviewers after launch, we can consider it a great success. Although certainly not for everyone.

Creative director and screenwriter John Garvin has made no secret of his remorse for the players. “I just wanted to say that players shouldn’t complain about the lack of a sequel if the game didn’t get proper support at launch. God of War grossed 1 million in sales to begin with, Days Gone didn’t. And I say this from my point of view as a developer. I don’t work for Sony so I don’t know the numbers— in this conversation with David Jaffe, Garvin points out that the lack of a Days Gone sequel comes on the side of an entirely unsuccessful launch. However, Garvin is no longer working at Bend Studio himself. As he admitted, “his nerves made him leave the studio.” On the other hand, Jeff Ross claimed that the creative director often took things too hard. Garvin, by his own admission, loved to grind. He’s been working this way for six years, so from the moment this project actually started. After leaving the company, he wrote as many as three books.

What is the problem with Days Gone at launch? After the official presentations of the game during E3 2017, the audience’s appetite increased. The prospect of riding a motorcycle, hunting hordes, and exploring post-apocalyptic Oregon was a temptation for the senses. A group of reviewers didn’t like the “lack of original concept,” with one former journalist for a very popular US site saying the title financed what The Walking Dead had been doing for nearly a decade. Numerous technical errors, with a lot of bugs, have also been referred to as a defect. Was there a lot? And why did a headline promoting an American hero, native animals and plants, and biker culture get a bucket of cold water from (mostly) American journalists?

An industry sensation


I tried to find answers to these questions after spending several hours with Days Gone. Although former director Jeff Ross stated that the title turned out to be a “disappointment”, perhaps for Sony. Considering the rate of sales that Sucker Punch studio achieved after just over a year with Ghost of Tsushimagoodbye PS4, these numbers may hurt decision makers at Sony. Bend Studio has faced an enormous challenge since Days Gone’s inception on the drawing board. According to the available information, the team hopes that the number of workers will be sufficient to implement the project, fifty people. At the peak of production, the team already had one hundred and thirty employees. So Crunch was inevitable and many past and present developers at Bend Studio have no positive associations with the creation of Days Gone. As an end user, I was pleased with Deacon’s story. The game delivers a lot of fun, and such a model of driving a motorcycle can only be envied by the rest.

The fact that Sony released the game on a (temporary) PS4 exclusive ignited a media fire. Here is the game announced by the manufacturer PlayStation suddenly hit a press wall. How is that possible, since every exclusive film in the manufacturer’s catalog has been media acclaimed? Suddenly the problematic start turned into a sensation. Unfortunately, in a less positive light. Today, while the game is still available as part of the PlayStation Plus collection, it has received PS5 performance boost, and enough people have played it. Hermen Hulst, the current head of PlayStation Studios, has confirmed that Bend Studio is working on a new franchise that they are passionate about. Does this mean that Days Gone is over? Jeff Ross admitted that he had already set out to create a sequel, and had an idea to improve the systems he thought could work better in the game. It is a pity that we will probably never know what reforms he intended. Days Gone is still available in the PlayStation Plus Collection, but you have until May 9th. Do you tend to ride in Oregon chaos? I’m always.

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