The Last of Us: Part One

We all know and love this story – mostly. Released in the summer of 2013, The Last of Us shaped the story of adventure games, even though it was born as a muse. References have been made to Resident Evil 4 and Ico. He was pleased with the setting, gameplay, and story tense with emotions – like an emotional rollercoaster, as you can see. For Naughty Dog, the operation was a success, and the patient not only survived, but was greatly spoiled. We’ve been writing about the game for years, mostly in the glow of superlatives. There are meme jokes in the context of dragging stairs or platforms, but it’s also a cult type. I return to Boston regularly. But I missed the last flight.

I took the first information about the planned renovation with a grain of salt. I wasn’t guided by the “age” of The Last of Us, but rather by the state of the game over the years. The Last of Us: Remastered (2014, PlayStation 4) still performs above average. Launched on PS4 Pro/PS5, with a bit of tech extras, it tastes delicious. Suffice it to say I’ve finished this edition four times, so I spent more time here than I did on the original (yes, the better hardcover version). I reacted somewhat positively to the first official note regarding the remake, but without any deeper infatuation.

“20 years later”

The concept of an aging hero, with a lone wolf nature, always seemed a bit bitter about the loss of a loved one, during “settling down” 20 years after the global epidemic of MZM (cyber encephalitis) is quite eye-catching. The story written in The Last of Us is always engaging. Likewise in the second part, the part which became the systematic basis of the renewal. The mechanics in The Last of Us: Part II provide an engaging and rewarding experience. I’ve spent about a hundred hours in Seattle, so the prospect of recreating Joel and Ellie’s journey across the infected United States isn’t particularly appealing. I’m going to sprinkle in a handful of spoilers now, so for those of you uninitiated into the events of Part Two, I’m referring here after the end of the adventure. The sequel is intertwined with flashbacks provided by Joel and Ellie, which have already provided a preview of a possible reconstruction of the first part.

Looking at the interviews with the creators, one gets the impression that they followed the BluePoint Games hit. “We wanted to get as close to the original script as possibleclaimed creative director Sean Escage. It looks fun on paper, but it didn’t buy me at all. The price issue is one thing, but the quality isn’t next-gen, which in the case of such a widely trusted developer – sounds pretty pretentious. The origin is a rather long story, divided into acts of some kind, because the action is planned over four seasons. Sometimes I get the impression that The Last of Us: Part I project was created to “calm the pain” of fans confused by its continuation. It’s been a long time since there wasn’t a big budget title that pulled in audiences so much. If I so badly wanted to come back here, the price wouldn’t be a barrier.

It is still irreplaceable


The Last of Us, which premiered on PS3, still shines in terms of mechanics with some unknown magic elements of exploration excellence. I know all the sites by heart, and that doesn’t detract from the desire to visit the same rooms, listen to occasional dialogues, or absorb the content of the notes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about making such assumptions, after all, the fashion for remakes is in full swing. We just know the story inside out. I love the challenge of brutal reality, where literally every brick counts, but how far can you go. This is the third game based on the same model. The latter is difficult to judge. For the price of PLN 39 we get the Remastered version, which still looks very good. In the new version of the game, the arrangements of some characters look worse, but this, of course, is not a matter of selection.

The original version still has that power, that playability. I completed The Last of Us in both versions about eight times, without stuttering. Why didn’t I decide to buy the first part? It’s not a matter of price, but the lack of specific novelties, the elimination of very successful mechanics implemented in the sequel. The creators, of course, made it clear that they wanted to leave the same challenge as the original. The Last of Us: Part 1 is almost unnoticed, as if the players did not notice it. Perhaps it has to do with a well-known story that is often compared to the sequel. Additionally, the HBO series deals with this expedition. There is a lot of content for this topic. I think this is one of the main reasons why I didn’t get this new version. I myself am shocked. I don’t think I’ll be going back to suburban Boston anytime soon in search of Firefly. Naughty Dog could simply do more.

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