Dream Chaser is integrated before the flight.  The shuttle is scheduled to fly to the International Space Station

Sierra Space began collaborating with NASA some time ago. As a result, it was created Mini Space Shuttle Dream ChaserWhich will soon fly to the International Space Station. Last year, the company showed off its complex ship. It happened on February 1 Display device integrated with merchandise unit.

Sierra Space organized a special demonstration where they presented the Dream Chaser shuttle named Tenacity (one of two) built into it Shooting star charging unit. Both were placed in the same position they would stand in during launch into space.

The demonstration took place at NASA's Neil Armstrong Test Facility in Sandusky. The shuttle and charging unit contains a total Height 16.8 mIt is the length of the school bus.

The Dream Chaser's first test flight is scheduled for later this year. The target of the test mission will be the International Space Station, where the shuttle will be He delivers supplies. The cargo version of the ship is one of two being prepared by Sierra Space. The second is the manned variant that aims to fly with astronauts.

Sierra Space was awarded a multi-year contract from NASA in 2016 under the Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS2) program. The company is committed to implementation At least six shipments of supplies To the International Space Station. The company is expected to build it by the end of the decade Up to 15 shuttles. The manned version is intended to transport people to space stations and other purposes in low Earth orbit.

The Space Shuttle Dream Chaser will deliver supplies weighing in Bonad 3.5 tons (The ship's capabilities allow a weight of 5215 kg). However, during the return trip, it will be able to carry a payload weighing up to 3,950 kg.

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