Traces of VR mode found in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition
November 22, 2021, 21:55

Bugs, technical problems, disappointment for fans and ?? Incomplete mode of virtual reality glasses. GTA Trilogy continues to surprise.

complain about GTA: Trilogy?? Ultimate Edition It is slowly becoming a popular thing, despite Rockstar Games’ attempts to do so ease the situation. Another drop in the model can be added to the sea of ​​unrealized possibilities ?? Newly Discovered Incomplete VR Mode, which was introduced on Twitter by Bina Turbines. If you associate the movie with older versions of first person mode, it will be z GTA V, you are not alone.

The hook appears when we want to test the mechanism ourselves. First of all, you need to access the developer console (which can be achieved with This is amazing mod) and commands for GTA.VR.1.

However, the reasons why the creators did not make the decision to fully implement VR support are unknown Speculation lovers About the internal competition that killed the enterprise. I remember it recently announce Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR employment Oculus Quest 2Which will definitely not take advantage of this feature in definitive edition. An equally likely release seems to be a lack of time to finish all the elements of the trilogy, which is underpinned by the low overall quality of the Remaster.

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