Darth Vader from Rogue One appears in new details

It will soon be a full seven years since the first part of this saga was shown on cinema screens star Wars. Rogue one He took us to a well-known period in the history of the galaxy far, far away, thanks to which we were able to see a fair number of characters from old productions in the film. Among them, of course, was the most famous opponent of the series – Darth Vader.

One of the final scenes was particularly impressive, as the Dark Lord slaughtered a group of Rebel soldiers who left the Scarif region with plans for the Death Star. Darth Vader presented himself there exactly as fans expected him to be – as a ruthless, powerful and terrifying opponent.

Due to production problems Rogue one, which particularly affected the changes at the end of the film, has often been questioned whether it was one of the scenes that was shot at the last minute. As it turned out, this was the last piece of material. In a certain interview Hollywood Reporter Accidental manager Gareth Edwards Briefly discuss the whole situation.

“Everything on the Internet about this movie contains a lot of inaccurate information. Tony [Gilroy] He participated and did a lot of great work, that’s for sure. There is no doubt. But we all worked together until the last minute of the movie. The last thing we shot was the Darth Vader hall scene. I’ve done it all.

Edwards He is currently promoting his first film since 2016 – the creator. The production can be watched on cinema screens. However, Darth Vader only appeared in token editions in Ahsocce. Last year, we also got to see the Dark Lord Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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