Florence Pugh: We selected the best films starring the actress

Florence Pugh She is currently one of the busiest and most appreciated actresses. Almost every production with her participation pleases not only viewers, but also critics. She received recognition for her role in the film “Lady M,” and received her first Academy Award nomination for the film “Little Women.” Although the aspiring actress was interested in acting since childhood, she did not graduate from any art school. Her great talent and strong personality helped her achieve success in the world of cinema. Few of her fans realized that Pugh was on the verge of giving up acting. At the beginning of her career, she had to deal with negative comments about her appearance.

“All the things they tried to change about me — whether it was my weight, my appearance, the shape of my face, my eyebrows — it wasn't what I wanted to do. It wasn't the industry I wanted to work in.” also. […] “And I felt like I had made a huge mistake,” she recalled in The Telegraph. After the unpleasant experience, Pugh decided to leave Hollywood and settled in England again. Contrary to her expectations, other offers appeared almost immediately. She received an offer that marked a breakthrough in her artistic career. Currently, the actress’s upcoming films are awaiting their premiere, including the second part of the movie “Dune.” On the occasion of her birthday, we have prepared a list of the best films with the participation of the talented Miss Flo.

One of the offers Florence received after “giving up” on Hollywood was “Mrs. M.” One might be tempted to say that it was thanks to the film by William Oldroyd that the actress entered the world of great cinema. Screenplay for the movie “Lady M.” The film was an adaptation of the short story “County Lady Macbeth” by Nikolai Leskov. The main character is 24-year-old Katarzyna, married to a much older man, and treated by those around her as nothing more than a beautiful decoration. A young woman begins an affair with a handsome servant and begins an inner transformation and strives for freedom at all costs.

This was Pugh's first starring role. Although the production itself was not very noisy, the young British actress was noticed by people from the industry. Katarzyna's role also began her adventure with costume cinema. Many critics believe that Lady M.'s title is one of her best cinematic incarnations. The 19-year-old actress showed that she felt comfortable in costumes and roles that required her to display a full range of emotions and psychological depth.

Another fashion film and a first from Netflix. “The Outlaw King” tells the true story of Robert the Bruce, who in one year went from fallen nobleman to king and then outlaw hero. Chris Pine plays the lead role, while Pugh plays his wife, Elizabeth de Burgh. However, the actress does not have much to play in this historical drama. The film focuses mainly on Robert's fate, and Elizabeth, like a good wife, awaits his return from the war. A few years later they met again. This time on the set of the film “Don't Worry, Darling.”

Florence certainly considers 2019 a very successful year. The first film with her participation, which premiered at that time, was “In the Ring with the Family.” It follows the story of real-life WWE wrestler Paige. A girl who comes from a wrestling family goes a long way to prove her ability and overcome her weaknesses.

Playing alongside Lena Headey and Nick Frost, Pugh has amazing on-screen chemistry. This is one of the more modest films, aimed more at festival audiences. And while it may not leave as big an impression on viewers as later productions starring Florence, it's still definitely worth adding “In the Ring with the Family” to your list of must-see movies in the near future.

“Lady M.” It put Florence on the radar of people in the film industry. After “The Outlaw King” she became very popular among Netflix viewers, and after “Midsommar” the whole world heard about her. The horror film by Ari Aster (who gave us the excellent “Hereditary” a year earlier) instantly gained cult status and made both the director and lead star of the production a fixture in Hollywood. Pugh has also been included in the list of the most popular “scream queens”.

Dani in the film is a young woman suffering from a family trauma, who goes with her partner and his friends to an isolated village where an ancient holiday related to the summer solstice is celebrated once a year. Pugh “took over” the entire film with her performance.

In one interview, she admitted that in order to get into the role and understand her character, she mentally tortured herself: “I've never played someone who suffers so much before. I put things in my head that become more depressing.” “…By the end of filming, I was literally torturing her to fully step into the role.” The risky method brought excellent results. “She's someone who really has to rely on her intuition, because her intuition is really trustworthy,” Ari Aster said about her in an interview.

The role of spoiled Amy in “Little Women” established Pugh's position in Hollywood. Although the film's story focuses on the character Jo, played by Saoirse Ronan, Pugh created a character so expressive that she received her first Academy Award nomination. The film directed by Greta Gerwig is another version of Louisa May Alcott's cult book. In previous episodes, Amy was the least favorite of the sisters by viewers. Pugh herself admitted that she did not like the youngest of the March sisters while reading the book. She added: “I love playing spoiled girls because they represent that voice that we suppress in our heads. Amy always says what she wants to say.”

Florence breathed new life into this character and made viewers look at the hated Amy in a completely different way. One reviewer noted that it “gave this character a chance to earn our sympathy.” In a film filled with a star-studded cast (Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Timothée Chalamet…), the talented British actress stole every scene she appeared in.

We have a Zee movie again and for the second time from Netflix. This time we move to the second half of the nineteenth century. Pugh plays English nurse Elizabeth “Lip” Wright who travels to the Irish countryside. Wright will investigate the case of teenage Anna, who has been going without food for several months. The pious villagers are convinced that the girl is fed on miraculous “manna from heaven” and are hostile to the English woman. Despite the opposition of her relatives and the hostility of the local community, the nurse wants to find the truth and, above all, help Anna.

Critics praised the production for its good reproduction of the atmosphere of the era. Pugh shines brighter, of course. The extremely talented British woman has proven once again that she not only looks great in vintage fashion, but above all feels great. Thanks to its performance, you can turn a blind eye to all the film's flaws.

The anime “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” was an unexpected hit at the turn of 2022 and 2023. She instantly won the hearts of young and old viewers. Moreover, the critics never seem to stop admiring him. The production has surpassed in popularity the long-awaited sequel to James Cameron's “Avatar.” It also received an Oscar nomination, but had to make way for Guillermo del Toro's animated film “Pinocchio.” In Puss in Boots, Pugh voices Goldilocks, who is a far cry from the heroine in the classic fairy tale.

This year, two films blew away the rest. There was a lot of talk about Barbie and Oppenheimer long before their premiere, which took place on the same day. The craze surrounding the films became a popular cultural phenomenon known as “Barpenheimer”. The cinematic biography of the famous scientist who developed the first atomic weapon in history included a group of Hollywood stars. Cillian Murphy, who played the role of the main character, was accompanied by, among others: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr. And Gary Oldman. Florence Pugh also contributed. The 28-year-old played Jean Tatlock, Oppenheimer's lover and communist activist.

In one of the interviews, Pugh admitted that during conversations about the project, Christopher Nolan apologized to her for not choosing her for a larger role. The actress laughed and replied that she could even play the role of a kettle in this film. “Chris really wanted me to know that it wouldn't be a big role. He apologized to me about it and assured me that he would understand if I said no for that reason. I said it didn't matter — even if I had to.” “I played a standing coffee machine. Somewhere behind a café, we do that. When I got the script, I knew I wanted to be in it and I didn't even have to read it,” the actress revealed.

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