Oppenheimer will not compete for an Oscar for effects.  American Academy, are you kidding me?

Of all the films submitted for the Academy Awards in the Best Special Effects category, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has already selected 20 titles it will consider when awarding final nominations. Among them was Barbie, who in this case lost to her competitor, Barbenheimer. With all due respect to the production signed by Greta Gerwig, “Oppenheimer” can boast better visual effects.

As we read in Systems Regarding the nomination in the Best Special Effects category, the American Academy should take two things into consideration in the first place. The first is the role that visual effects play in a particular film. In this area, Oppenheimer is already losing out to other titles. This isn’t one of Christopher Nolan’s previous titles, like “The Dark Knight” or “Inception,” so special effects were an important part of the production. It’s a conversation-based drama, where the director enjoys taking close-ups of his characters’ faces. But finally it’s time for the Trinity – the nuclear test. And then… well, viewers’ jaws drop.

You can read more about Oppenheimer on the web:

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