Dancing with Jennifer Lopez: “A Dream Come True” for Quebecer Enola Bedard

The day after a dance video with singer Jennifer Lopez aired, Quebecer Enola Bedard revealed details surrounding the collaboration.

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Dancing to one of his songs, the Quebec-born content creator caught the attention of the American star.

She claims that Lopez's bodyguards contacted her with the intention of dancing with her.

TikTok and TVA news

“He has been my idol since childhood. We met and made a video together. It was perfect [réussi]. It's truly a dream come true,” he said in an interview with Isabel Peron.

Enola says she taught him dancing the same day they met.

From the airport, the dancer, who has more than 16 million subscribers on Tiktok, has been working on projects while starting out in the music world.

“TikTok, for me, is a way to spread my passion for dancing, sharing all the videos and connecting with people around the world,” he continues in an interview with LCN.

*Watch his interview in the video above*

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