Followers of Paul Mukherjee claim his innocence

Believers of Paul Mugenti, who was convicted of sexual assault, pleaded not guilty during a “Great Worship of the Truth” in Quebec on Sunday morning, while the fired pastor fled the authorities.

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Denying the blasphemous facts of their “apostles”, Paul Mugente’s loyal and close associates denounced the “normal work of the media” in this matter.

Photo agency QMI, Guy Martell

“The media did a bad job in this matter. This woman’s lies did not stand up to the apostle’s proper alibis,” said one at a rally at the Life Evangelical Center and was broadcast live on social media.

Photo agency QMI, Guy Martell

“The goal was to destroy him and destroy his work. He was an honest citizen with no history and he was instrumental in destroying it and making it the first public enemy of the Cubs,” said another spokesman.

8 years in prison

The fugitive's wife, Carmen Mukendi, spoke at the Evangelical Word of Life Center on Sunday.


The fugitive’s wife, Carmen Mukendi, spoke at the Evangelical Word of Life Center on Sunday.

Paul Mugenti was sentenced to eight years in prison on nine counts, including sexual assault, bodily harm and making death threats.

He appealed his case, but the sentence was upheld on August 16.

So Mukherjee was to surrender to the jail authorities on Friday, but instead took the escape powder.

The policemen squinted their eyes

Through a press release from his organization, he said he was “an escape from an injustice he suffered.”

The Quebec City Police, aware of the “Great Worship of the Truth” conducted by Mugenti’s believers, told him to keep an eye open for the man to flee.

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