New Year's Eve 2023. The world's top countries have already welcomed the New Year

Residents of Kiribati and Tokelau are already celebrating 2024. They were the first to welcome the new year at 11:00 a.m. Polish time. They were also joined by residents of Tonga, the islands of Samoa and New Zealand, where the New Year came in at noon. January 1st is also already in place in Australia, Japan and China.

Parts of the world have already started celebrating the New Year happily. 2024 Citizens of Kiribati were the first to welcome In the Pacific Ocean. It started on January 1 at 11:00 AM Polish time.

But the people of Kiribati are not celebrating alone. Also at 11:00, the citizens of Tokelau welcomed the New Year. Just one hour later, fireworks launched into the skies of the islands of Samoa and Tonga.

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And at 12:00 noon Polish time as well. The year 2024 has begun in New Zealand.

Australia also welcomed the year 2024, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge was lit up with the famous fireworks display, which is watched by approximately 425 million people around the world every year.

New year in the world. Who will celebrate with Poland?

Soon after, other countries will also welcome the New Year. Australia was the first continent to do so at 2pm Eastern time. As is the case every year in Sydney, fireworks were shot into the sky. The spectacular display attracts millions of observers to the capital.

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New Year's celebrations also began Japan And South and North Korea. January 1st started there at 4:00 PM Polish time. At 5 p.m., join the celebrations China. The New Year also began at 9:30 p.m Tehran. Residents will ring in the New Year at 10pm Polish time Moscow and BaghdadAnd at 11 pm for residents Tripolis. On the other side Together with Poland they will receive 2024 Among others are residents of Switzerland, France and Norway.

At the latest, the new year will start on two islands – Baker Island and Howland Island. However, there will be no celebration there, as the islands remain uninhabited. When the year 2024 also covers it, it will be 1pm on January 1st in Poland.

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