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After the release of the albums Knitting And Billy Ave. In the midst of an epidemic, Alicia Moffett can finally defend her pop on stage with powerful soul pronunciations. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter’s summer is more musical than ever; She is already working on new material, to launch in French! Maintenance.

Released at 7:00 p.m.

Pierre-Mark Thurvej

Pierre-Mark Thurvej

K. How happy are you to finally be able to present your songs on stage?

A. Right now, I am preparing the script for the show and I am interested in it! I was ready to write how happy I was. I have never had the opportunity to present my own show, and finally tasting it is special because doing your own show is not the only thing.

K. As part of the International Jazz Festival (FIJM), your Montreal en lumière event, which was scheduled to take place last February, has been postponed to June 30. How do you feel? Does this increase the pressure of playing at FIJM? Although it is not normal …

A. Life is basically good because I was so stressed out last winter when the show ran halfway. I enjoy playing at the Jazz Festival and gave myself a few more months to prepare. This is a lot of recognized festival, I play on opening night, it’s absolutely crazy. But I try not to think too much about it, this is my first MTelus stressful!

K. You are an example of an artist who has managed his career as a role model. How did you choose your musicians and how did the rehearsal take place?

A. We didn’t really start the rehearsal. But I chose my band myself as I run my own business. But it’s not so hard, I’m chosen people who have played in the past, and it’s important for me to keep in touch with them. Honestly, playing with musicians I don’t know can be extra stressful. Pianist Gabriel Thibault and bassist Maxim Lewesk are friends I went to high school in Waterloo!

Photo by Hugo-Sebastien Abert, La Press Archives

Alicia Moffett

K. Is the balance between family and music too difficult as the summer tour approaches?

The answer is so I don’t think conducting shows shakes me, I’m going to go with the flow. But I chose not to do too many shows. I am still the choice. We have a strategy: this year, we will focus on festivals, we are going to open theaters early next year, and next summer we will be holding festivals where we have no chance.

K. You seem to be less active on social networks and you were able to use it with stronger performance. Does music force you to devote less time to networks?

A. I changed my relationship with social networks, I changed my attitude, I talk less about everything that happens in my life. It came by choice, but a little naturally, and of course partly because I focus more on my music career. Also, my fans have aged with me; I think it should attract 12-13 year old teenage girls, but the audience between 18 and 35 is more for me because I am a mother, among other things. People understand that I show my life less than before.

K. So you work very hard on your music. Do you have any other songs?

A. I write all the time! These days I am a little impressed with French music. Artists like Strome and Emma Peters made me rediscover French song. So my plan is to create songs in French.

K. Are you planning to play any live this summer?

A. Depends on whether the songs are finished on time … you never know!

Alicia Moffett will perform at the Imperial Bell in Quebec City (June 22), the MTelus in Montreal (June 30), the FestiVoix in Trois-Rivières (July 7) and the International Theater in Saint-Jean-Sir-Richelieu. Des Hot Air Balloons (August 20).

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