May 31, 2023


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The term of copyright protection is extended to 20 years

(OTTAWA) No new books or plays will enter the public domain in Canada until 2043, as the federal government extends the term of copyright protection to 20 years until the end of 2022.

Until December 30, copyright protection for original works of a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic nature lasted for the lifetime of the artist, and continued for 50 years after his death.

However, from this date, the new regulations will apply during the life of the artist and 70 years after his death.

This change allows Canada to honor a commitment made under the Canada-United States-Mexico Treaty and ensures that the same rule as in the United States applies in Canada 70 years after the artist’s death. Since 1998.

i.e. works of art that have been republished or reused without 1st permissionR 20 years in January will benefit from additional protection.

For example, former Prime Minister Lester B., who died in December 1972. Copyright protection for some of Pearson’s writings does not expire until December 1.R January 2043.

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