Matura 2024. Less tasks on the Matura exam in mathematics!  CKE Director gives reason

Matura 2024: CKE Matura Exam Schedule

The 2024 Matura exam is fast approaching. The Central Examination Board (CKE) has prepared the schedule for the 2024 Matura exams. But even before the 2024 Matura exam, students in the final years of secondary school were taking mock exams. In 2024, the actual Matura test will be conducted based on the test requirements specified in the CKE appendices. The exam requirements are narrower than the core curriculum requirements.

  • Matura Written Exams 2024 It will take place from May 7 to 24. Oral: May 11-16 (except May 12) and May 20-25.
  • High school exams 2024 Additional dates are scheduled for June 3-17, and oral dates are scheduled for June 10-12.

CKE Director about the 2024 high school final exams and talks about the changes

There are only a few days left until the final exam. What can high school graduates expect during the exam? As CKE Director Dr. Marcin Smolek emphasized in an interview with, nothing has changed compared to last year, except that graduates of the five-year technical high school will for the first time this year take the high school exam in its new format.

In addition, Smolik pointed to the papers themselves. Information about the change is confirmed.For example, in a math worksheet There are slightly fewer tasks for the same amount of time. It was exactly the same thing last year. This means that all adjustments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning apply for the last time this year. In this regard, there are no changes compared to last year – pointed out. On the “X” platform, students began to ask what tasks would not be included in the high school graduation exam in mathematics, but for obvious reasons, CKE does not answer these questions.

Matura exam in English. Pomeranian province

Matura Competition 2024. Will you pass the exam? 13/14 means you can sleep soundly!

Question 1 of 14

1. The wedding – Stanisław Vespiński takes place in:

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