March 28, 2023


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Czech Republic, Ostrava: The 21-year-old was driving on the tram tracks. I obeyed the navigation

The driving error occurred on Thursday evening. Before 21 cops from Ostrava They learn that a young woman is behind the wheel Skoda Fabia Stuck in tram tracks At the stop Dolní Vítkovice.

The officers went to the place where the report was found to be true. As the 21-year-old explained, she was driving along Ruska Street the whole time according to navigation. When she heard she had to turn, she did – and thus found herself on the rails.

The police said it was a woman He ran about 30 meters on railsThen her car got stuck on them. The car was removed from the tracks thanks to the work of firefighters. Non-reflective listening caused the driver to greet official.

The officers also advised her to make sure she was driving on an asphalt road next time. If she had noticed the “bug” sooner, would not have been needed. Stop tram traffic in the area.

During the intervention, the police made sure that the 21-year-old sober. It was also confirmed that her behavior was not affected by any intoxicants.

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