Sony has announced a new Live from PS5 campaign inspired by the best games available on the PlayStation 5. In addition, the Japanese industry giant has announced greater availability of consoles in 2023.

The beginning of 2023 is a lot of activity for Sony. Almost moments ago a console appeared on the market DualSense EdgeCollection will be available soon PlayStation VR2. in the camp “blue” So there is a lot going on, and the latest news confirms that.

Sony Interactive Entertainment during CES announced the results of 2022 and boasted of sales of PS5 consoles (more than 30 million copies), with December 2022. Brought Record Monthly number of consoles purchased PS5 in history. In 2023, the company intends to invite more gamers to its community, Provide increased console availability.

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The new Live from PS5 campaign is underway

as part of the campaign Live from PS5 Unique activities will be carried out in major global markets. They will be decisive “The coming weeks.” In any case, these activities are already being carried out, and this is the proof. Don’t panic if you ever see this picture in your city:

PS5 livestream with an interesting ad

We can expect exclusive content from popular content creators and “The latest news from the worlds of PS5 gaming”. Who knows, maybe this is the case New project announcements? The following articles are already raising speculation. Netizens take a closer look at the part at 0:42 (the cave). What is this game? Unknown 5? You will know the answer (or not) in the future.

Sebastien Barez, polygamist journalist

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