a surprise!  Minister in the Tusk government: I understand the government’s concerns

If we allow – even quietly – these people to pass, information will appear in social media that Poland is a good transit channel to the West. “And then we’ll have thousands, if not tens of thousands of such cases,” said Marek Bernacki, former minister and coordinator of secret services during the PO-PSL government, in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

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What happens at the border?

Bernacki was asked, “What are we watching on the Polish-Belarusian border?”

This is just the beginning of the Great Migration Crisis and an element of asymmetric warfare, also known as hybrid warfare, waged by Belarus and Russia. Let’s go back a little bit in time to 2015. At that time, too, a lot of people came to the West – mainly to Germany – from Iraq and Afghanistan.

– The former deputy said on the authority of p.

However, the poorest of them moved to Pakistan and Iran, and the catalyst was the war in Syria. Today is the disintegration of the Afghan government and army with the sudden simultaneous withdrawal of US forces from the region. Without any barrier in the form of leaving the bases in Bagram or Kandahar for a while. The current wave of immigration will repeat this trend

– added.

The former minister and coordinator of the secret services of the PO-PSL government emphasized that “Afghanistan directly borders Russia’s sphere of influence, and there are no big problems with the transfer of some people – using Russian communication methods – to Belarus, for example.”

The migration movement is stimulated by the Taliban itself.”

Interlocutor Marcin Makovsky was also asked “how our border services should behave.”

Just as they did. If we allow – even quietly – these people to pass, information will appear in social media that Poland is a good transit channel to the West. And then we’ll have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of such cases

Bernacki said.

Let us not delude ourselves that the same will pass, because the emigration movement is stimulated by the Taliban itself, which wants to get rid of internal opponents. For now, they are calm, because they are looking for international recognition of the new government, but they will not last long. What will we do next?

– he asked, adding that “the EU should work on a unified position on this issue as quickly as possible” because “we cannot repeat the chaos of six years ago.”

MP PSL stressed that the whole situation with immigrants is “a great opportunity for Warsaw to show that it has good relations with the countries of the European Union.”

At this level, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister Zbigniew Rau must do everything in their power to adopt a unified position on migrants and refugees.

– He said.

At the same time, we must pressure Putin to influence Lukashenka’s behavior, since he is not acting on his own initiative. Moscow had already spoken to the Taliban in early July, and they knew that a quick US withdrawal could lead to a domino effect. They might also have the option to slow it down

– added.

Bernacki: I understand the fear of those in power

The ex-minister during the PO-PSL government also spoke words that his former PO-PSL colleagues did not like.

Regardless of the impact of possible talks, I believe that the immigration issue cannot be dealt with for domestic policy purposes

Bernacki confirmed.

“We certainly cannot allow these people (on the border with Belarus) to suffer before our eyes,” said the former coordinator of the secret services.

After all, you can involve charitable organizations, set up tents, and prepare meals. These are custom measures, but you have to start somewhere. However, on the other hand, I understand the government’s concerns that yielding to pressure from Belarus too much and letting these people pass will send a very dangerous signal to the Middle East.

– He said.

However, we should not waste any time. Today, everything must be done to stop this process at its source. Instead, many politicians prefer hitting their heads with their shoulder blades as if they were sitting in a sandbox. This is probably what scares me the most

Bernaki is finished.

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