Italy: The doctor issued false vaccination certificates.  He heard the accusations

General medicine doctor from the city Ascoli Picenowhose name has not been announced, heard Allegations of fraud and misappropriation of property.

As it was established in the course of the proceedings, more than 70 people received vaccination on the basis of fake vaccination certificates healthy corridors, in another meaning. green pass.

moreover Municipal Prosecutor’s Office In the Marche district, the doctor is accused of not giving, but rather discarding, any of the 120 doses of vaccine taken from the vaccination center.

This was revealed as a result of the investigation conducted from September to December 2021 The doctor mentioned in the documents a much higher number of vaccinations than other doctors.

She also noted that the list of people allegedly vaccinated was mostly not his patients, and some even lived in other areas. fake data Then send the doctor to the IT system Italian Ministry of Health.

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