Drones over training areas in Germany.  Someone is monitoring the training of Ukrainian soldiers

Ukrainian soldiers were allegedly spied on during training in German training areas

For more than a year, cases of the appearance of drones over the training areas of the German army and its barracks in places where Ukrainian soldiers are trained have been recorded, the German newspaper Bild reported.

Drones are regularly spotted over the Klitz military training ground, where the German army is training Ukrainians on Leopard 1 tanks. Above other bases, several drones are sometimes flying in the airspace at the same time. – said Markus Faber, Member of the Bundestag and Defense Committee.

Faber believes that the situation is “Clearly structured and refers to Russia“.

The German army suspects this as well Moscow is behind the drone attacks, but it cannot prove it. The German Ministry of Defense has not officially confirmed that any drone was shot down over the training areas and barracks. There is also no information about the arrest of machine pilots.

Germany. Drones over training areas. Politicians demand action

Reports of Russian intelligence services spying on Ukrainians during training It already appeared in 2022. And he told about them, among other things: “Spiegel”.

“Bild” also indicates that Fr The military has known about this problem for a long time. In October, General Carsten Breuer, then commander of the German Army's Regional Command and now head of the armed forces, was said to have become concerned about reports of drone alerts. Concurrently with In this case, training began on the use of jamming transmitters. Which forces the drones to land.

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As shown or as specified or as indicated, There are no results for the actions of the German military regarding drones The training grounds lead to a situation that politicians defend It increases pressure.

Andreas Schwarz, a politician from the Social Democratic Party, thinks so There cannot be a situation where the military is aware of drones for a long time but does not take any action.


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