Czech Republic.  Milos Zeman's health problems.  The president has been hospitalized
  • President Milos Zeman was taken in an ambulance to the Central Military Hospital in Prague on Sunday. Zeman has previously suffered from health problems, as reported by his law firm
  • The president was taken to hospital the day after the elections to the lower house of the Czech parliament. On Sunday, Prime Minister Andrej Babis arrived at the castle in Lani. Conversation details not disclosed
  • The president’s advisory says little about the president’s health, citing privacy protections. However, many politicians are demanding more complete information on this subject due to the duties of the head of state
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Czech media quoted a hospital spokeswoman as saying that “President Milos Zeman was taken in an ambulance from Lani Castle to the Central Military Hospital.” Earlier, Milos Zeman met the country’s Prime Minister Andrej Babis, whose party on Saturday lost minimally in parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic. The details of the conversation were not disclosed.

Earlier, the president’s spokesman, Jerzy Ovczyk, announced that the meeting had nothing to do with the post-election negotiations, which are set to begin on Wednesday. Babish presented his meeting with the President in a similar light. After the 45-minute stay in Lanakh ended, the prime minister did not comment on its course.

A spokesman for Jerzy Ovchakzyk, Friday, before the start of the parliamentary elections, said on one of the radio stations that the president has been ill for 14 days, but nothing prevents him from performing his constitutional duties. “He is staying in a house in Lanach and is gaining strength,” – said Ovczaczek. He described the information about the seriousness of the president’s condition as rumors and misinformation.

Zeman, who was originally supposed to vote at the polling station, eventually changed his mind on doctors’ recommendation and the electoral commission came to the 77-year-old with the ballot box.

In the last years Zeman was in a military hospital several times. According to the available information, the president’s condition is related to long-term diabetes, which now causes kidney problems. Since April, 77-year-old Milos Zeman has been using a wheelchair only. In mid-September, he spent eight days in the hospital for checkups and checkups. Since then, he resides in Lanache, where he has held several business meetings with representatives of the government and the opposition. He also received Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The president’s hospitalization may complicate post-election negotiations. Zeman has said repeatedly that he will entrust talks on the government to the head of the most powerful parliamentary grouping. Prime Minister Babis’ ANO movement will have the largest number of deputies, but in the 200-seat House of Representatives, the two former opposition coalitions will receive 108 votes, giving them an advantage. On Saturday evening, the leaders of the two coalitions announced their desire to form a new government.

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Source: Reuters / Bab


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