Sony and Preservation - Effective recycling in the face of the new / old generation

We have mentioned the effects of such action many times. One of them is the publishing approach. It turns out that the biggest titles in Sony’s catalog are now game providers on the doorstep of generations. Of course, a slight conservatism must have crept in. On the other hand, in this industry, most of the basic mechanisms were invented in prehistoric times. Do the rest time. Technological and marketing advances, genre preferences for playing brothers have changed over the decades.

Sony is still following the tradition, still focusing first on gameplay, and then on services. Unlike the competition, but their solutions are often used. We are slowly approaching the end of 2021. Contrary to appearances, we’ve had a lot of good matches, and there’s still more in the queue. The PlayStation division has decided to postpone the blockbuster movies for next year. Will the conservative nature of great sequences slip under the radar thanks to the high quality? The answer is not so simple.

Along with expectations

The entry relates to the company’s most recent publication listing, so today’s wallpaper depicts the tropical expedition of a prehistoric mecha hunter and the frosty end of the North’s journey toward divine fitness. Horizon: The Forbidden West is exciting with each subsequent show. Furthermore, Zero Dawn can capture even today. Presented world, heroine, and dynamic gameplay with strongly marked exploration, without excessive iconography. Guerilla Games recently decided to do a new generation upgrade, which is both fun and a little worrisome at the same time. why? Forbidden West was made exclusively for PS5 at the time of the first announcement. Delightful chatter predetermined the system vendor’s design for the new console, regardless of the release date. Initially, it was for the current year. Today we know that will not happen. The decision may have been dictated by the current situation with consoles available in fixed stores. No need to worry about the quality threshold. The catch is separating the game for both generations.

Hence, Horizon Zero Dawn optimized for PlayStation 5 falls hard, but we probably won’t get any more on the occasion of the release sequel to a more powerful platform. Adjustments in this case are not obtained to the extent necessary. If you get the title for the occasion, Forbidden West won’t change much. So we have a good preview of the sequel. Nobody doubts the high quality, but focusing on one system will do much more than that. Hence, the game will eventually look like a huge plus. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s also a PC version on the agenda. We find the same analogy when we hear about God of War: Ragnarok for both PlayStation consoles. Let’s look back. The technological leap that occurred between God of War / God of War II still makes a historical impression today. Likewise, the addresses are based on identical system foundations. Technically, there is a completely different league. Could the same be true of the first and second Norse adventures of the soul of Sparta? Demon is supposed to be in detail, but the story, which was published already in 2018, used the maximum equipment resource.

Ragnarok in the older generation version will not impress him as much as a few years ago. It will make up for a story that follows the same narrative path. The public’s interest has primarily increased in instilling political correctness and mythical contradiction into the game rather than technology. This simply does not knock you down. The combat and exploration system will continue to be the driving force behind success, but not as it was in 2018. We get used to high quality quickly. Expectations for upcoming Sony announcements are inherently huge. The current reticence of sequels raises questions about whether Sony intends to focus only on proven brands. In the past, the company was responsible for creating new worlds. The first Horizon was a huge hit, just like Days Gone or last year’s Ghost of Tsushima. In regards to Bend Studio, it seems that the issue has unfortunately closed. Just like the unusual Death Stranding game.

one chance

Sony - God of War

Death strand and the days are gone. Examples of interesting and fascinating titles. For now, they’re still some kind of solitary miracle. Bend Studio expands the perspective of a story similar to the great The Last of Us on an open scale. The script echoes Oregon’s post-pandemic quality. Unfortunately, the sequel will not take place. On the other hand, it will avoid necessary conservatism, which is more of the same mechanisms. Horizon and God of War delighted in their first appearance. Aloy surprised everyone, as did the fully transformed Kratos. Inevitably, a similar range of changes in the sequences was expected. You cannot change something that works. However, society must find reasons to complain. He fell for the apparent re-creation of patterns that aren’t very old after all.

For example, the Uncharted series has hardly changed in the field of conceptual assumptions. Sometimes it’s not a comprehensive rebuilding of everything that has been pointing to the importance of a particular cycle for years. Shifts in the game world happen sometimes, but they are never uncommon. God of War: Ragnarok and Forbidden West will provide dozens of hours of satisfying gameplay. The developer must ensure the highest possible quality for owners of both generations. More difficult task than usual. The compromise on high quality must also be met with a narrative layer. Remember the fair price for both players. Mr. Ryan, since we focus on the best games, maybe it’s worth remembering the expectations of the community? Justice always has a price, and greed – not necessarily. Quality excellence is something that is earned and not something that is eternal.

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